PETE&C 2012


With large class sizes, it can be difficult to manage the practical aspects of incorporating 1:1 technology into the class routine. This session will provide teachers with ideas for effectively utilizing a cart of net books in the classroom. Some teachers fall into the trap of controlling the students’ learning experiences with online tutorials and scripted Internet lessons. Examples of creative and collaborative activities will be provided in which the students build their own content through hands on participation and research. By using 1:1 technology to build skills such as those outlined in the ISTE Nets for students, the classroom can remain student centered and students have enriching experiences.


Connecting and Creating Worksheet


Connecting at PETE&C

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Creating a Vision

An increase in technology only improves a student's educational experience when it can be used for creative and enriching purposes.
Please help us create a vision of 1:1 computing in our classrooms by contributing your ideas and notes on this topic. Click the link and then please paste or type your ideas or notes on this Google Doc. You could also provide links to any websites or projects that you would like to share. Thanks for helping us create a resource to use throughout the year!